Covered Arenas for Riding, Farm and Commercial Use | Frequently Asked Questions

TM Covered Arenas | Frequently Asked Questions

  How long does it take to build an arena?  
  We can build a 50’x100’ in less than 1 ½ days. A 100’x200’ will take 5-6 days to complete.  
  All our buildings are built to engineering specs and we will provide engineered drawings on any building we erect over a 50’ span. We pay attention to every detail and provide our customer with the best and most affordable product.
  Who will supervise the building of the arena?  
  Tim Mosemann, the owner of Bar T Construction. I will do your site inspections, quote your buildings, and will be on site when your arena is being erected. I also have a foreman who has hundreds of arena completions under his belt. He works for Bar T Construction alone. There will be no arena brokers or general contractors involved, adding money to the cost of your arena.
  We put a 5 year warranty on our workmanship. There is a 25 year manufacturer's warranty on the galvalume PBR panels and a 40 year manufacturer's warranty on the colored PBR panels.  
  Arena Pads and site work?  
  We can build pads to suit any arena size. Sometimes due to travel cost and hauling equipment, a local dirt contractor may be more economical.  
  How far will you travel?  
  We typically stay in Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. The further north you go, snow load plays a factor in the building and pricing of the arenas.  
  If you have multiple arenas in the same area, will you split travel costs?  
  Yes, if there are multiple buildings in the same area, we will split the travel cost between customers.